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Am I at a Military Base or a College Campus!?

July 14, 2011 by


College campuses across the nation have begun to install turnstiles in various buildings and facilities in order to protect their #1 asset: students. Is this taking security too far...?

Gun Policies on Your Campus

June 23, 2011 by


Higher education news has been filled with gun laws trying to pass through the House and Senate all over the country. With or without a law, shouldn't your campus be prepared...?

Clery Act on Campus: How do YOU Make Your Campus Safe?

June 14, 2011 by


Updates to the Clery Act were made in October of 2010 and just again in April.

Have You Updated Your Crime Reports?

May 23, 2011 by


Is your campus at risk of being penalized for not updating your crime reporting strategies & being non-compliant with the Clery Act? It is essential that you make changes today to avoid penalties as well as protect your students, faculty and campus.

Excited Delirium Syndrome on Campus: What is It?

April 12, 2011 by


A college male is seen outside of a frat house with no clothes on and sweating after just running around the block, "streaking," during a party... Is he just drunk or does he suffer from Excited Delirium Syndrome?

Mother Nature Can be a B!*$h!

March 18, 2011 by


Planning for a Disaster seems like an ominous task...but it must be done. Mother Nature plays tricks on us constantly and without having a plan, how can you keep you campus safe?

Mass Notification on Campus

February 18, 2011 by


The University of Texas at Austin is proof positive that properly implemented mass notification systems can work!  After a tragic shooting incident late last September… the university proved to everyone how effective their drills, tabletop exercises, and training were! UT Austin Associate Vice President for Safety and Security, Dr. Gerald Robert Harkins, will be presenting […]