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Sexual Harassment Policies: How Should Your College Respond to Allegations of Sexual Assault?

July 12, 2011


The U.S. Education Department's Office for Civil Rights announced that it has reached a settlement with the University of Notre Dame about its handling of sexual-harassment cases.

Reverse-Transfer Student Programs: Promote the Success of Both the Students and the Institution

June 27, 2011


There are many ways to improve the dialogue between community colleges, universities and transfer students, for the good of us all!

First Year Transition Programs: How to Improve Success & Retention Before Classes Even Begin!

June 13, 2011


After spending so much money and effort recruiting your students, how do you feel when they drop-out during or after their first year?

Are Your Online Students Still Failing?

May 30, 2011


Online enrollments across the country are strong and growing, while success rates stay about the same: what is happening?

Campus Maps 2.0: The Secrets for Success

May 27, 2011


Campus maps are not made of paper anymore, but designing effective and user friendly online maps can be challenging.

New Technologies for a “Smart Class”: Renovation Tips for Your College

May 19, 2011


Technology is invading your classrooms - like it or not. Use it to your advantage to create engaging teaching & learning environments.

Top 120 Community Colleges are Competing for a $1-Million Prize: Where is Yours?

May 11, 2011


$1-million prize to reward excellence at two-year institutions. Where does your institution stand?