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How Much is a College Degree Really Worth?

June 8, 2011


In today's tough economic climate, graduates are finding it hard to secure jobs after earning their college diploma.

The 3 Year Revolution-Is Transitioning to a 3 Year Model Ideal for Your College?

April 20, 2011


The Chronicle recently ran an article on the 3 year debate-and what this means for college’s across the country.

FYE for Community Colleges-Peer Discussion

March 31, 2011


Join other audience members for a discussion on our webinar - “First Year Experience Programs for Community Colleges: What's Working Now.” Let everyone know what you thought of the webinar!

The Classroom of Tomorrow

March 26, 2011


Traditional, non-traditional, hybrid, online, in-class, the list goes on and on...As Student Services professionals and college faculty, it's your job to assess the success of your students and determine which learning environment fits best for today's students....but what is best???

Preparing Adult Learners for the Workforce

March 14, 2011


The Community College of Philadelphia recently held the first of four meetings focused on helping adult learners to enter careers and fulfill their college degrees. In response to the White House’s push for college completion, the Community College of Philadelphia will be hosting a series of four meetings and a virtual community college summit.  The […]

2011 Study Abroad Efforts

March 1, 2011


Planning to vamp up your study abroad program, or get more students to study abroad in China, or at all? Obama is making a push to get more students studying oversees in China, but how can we realistically get students from here to there?

Tiger Moms & Helicopter Parents: The Face of Higher Education Parents

February 3, 2011


In recent years, the rise of Helicopter Parents as the hovering, over-involved parents of college students became the main focus of college faculty and staff. Helping students to handle the pressures of attending college for the first time, and balancing the stresses of their helicopter parents was a tough feat. Now, the same faculty, staff […]