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Campus Housing Turned Hotel: What to Consider When Renovating

April 8, 2011


With many campuses making renovations to their existing campus housing buildings, they are keeping something else in mind- hotel space. Universities have seen an increase in interest of renting out meeting spaces on their campus, and want to be able to accommodate all requests meeting planners might have - including overnight arrangements.

Starbucks Branding & College Campus Facilities: What’s the Connection?

March 28, 2011


The Campus of Miami Dade College has set out on the difficult journey of redesigning their campus leaning spaces. However, their inspiration is an unusual one.

Bike Friendly Campuses Eliminate Parking Headaches

February 28, 2011


With college campuses across the county struggling with campus parking problems, creating a biker friendly campus has been a successful alternative. Many campuses do not have the resources to create more parking areas and want to encourage a pedestrian friendly campus.

The Importance of Placemaking on Campus

February 24, 2011


Students, current and graduated, continue to have a deep connection with their college campus. There used to be a time when colleges put a great amount of effort in placemaking on campus- the “art and science of creating good public spaces where people want to gather.” Universities today are beginning to realize the importance of […]

Campus Renovation Plan Leads to Town-Gown Debate for Georgetown University

February 9, 2011


Georgetown University is currently in the process of a campus renovation plan that will support the campus’ growth over the next decade. With the Georgetown University Hospital and campus dormitories as main renovations on the list, the residents of Georgetown have some major objections.