Am I at a Military Base or a College Campus!?

Posted on July 14, 2011 by


In recent years, tragedies amongst college students and staff have brought immense scrutiny to campus security everywhere.  Parents are now choosing universities for their children based on safety and security.  It is essential to provide an environment that is safe to these young adults?

Although turnstiles are not the complete solution, they are definitely a deterrent against unwanted visitors and ‘tailgators.’  They help avoid many incidents on a regular basis that could cause harm to students and staff.

Also, according to Dax Kuykendall, assistant director of facilities at Florida Atlantic University’s recreation center, “Our center is very modern looking. The design is all about clean lines and stainless steel.”  The turnstiles they chose “fit in perfectly with the architect’s vision of the overall facility.”  It seems very strange to think of a turnstile (for safety purposes) as a part of your overall design to a building.  What do you think?

The most important use I believe that comes from these turnstiles is the ability to audit student activity.  With the swipe of the card that allows people access into the facilities, security officials can track if a student is just not showing up to class or if there is a possible danger if they haven’t even shown up to their apartment or dorm.  I think this is a good thing considering the slew of missing students in recent years but, to play the devil’s advocate, is this too ‘Big Brother?’

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