Like it or Tweet it….. #SocialMedia is a Great Teaching Tool

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Everyone is on Facebook  (my grandmother sent me a poke yesterday)….and 90% of those people Tweet and/or blog. These are social activities on the surface but lets dig a bit deeper.  Your students are voluntarily finding ways to make their thoughts come through clearly in 140 characters and are writing, re-writing, and pouring themselves into their blogs.  The more social media addicted or savvy, you decide, are researching SEO, HTML, CSS, and trying to monetize their thoughts.  All of this reinforces everything you and your colleagues have been saying and hoping to see, but these students are not doing all of this for your English paper or Biology exam.  How can you fix that?

Incorporating social media into your course is an easy way to engage and entice your students to give a bit more in the classroom.  Social media can be the pit fall of distraction, abuse and misuse but this is a small price to pay and easy to overcome if you plan ahead.   The resources are available to be able to successfully implement Twitter and other social media into your course and give it life, not turn it into the easy A course.  A pedagogical framework to include Twitter in your teaching can be seen here organized along two axes: monologic to dialogic and passive to active.   Of course, that’s a great resource but faculty and staff need real world examples too.

Teachers are also using  Twitter to collaborate across states to improve teaching and learn from one another.   Read here about #FYCchat and how first year writing teachers are working together.

Do you use Twitter?  Is it for personal or professional use?  Maybe a little of both….

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