Online Teaching – Effective, Easy, and Engaging

Posted on June 24, 2011 by


College and university student population has changed over the years and students have busier day to day lives which makes most students closer to a non traditional student than a mainstream student…despite age.  Economic, technological, and social factors all push students to make education fit into their schedule as opposed to trying to change their lives for school.  Online education has boomed because of  just this type of student.

The average 18 year old living on campus style of student is still the majority of students but there is a growing number of  people in this age demographic that also want to get started in the work force to be prepared for any further recessions or economic hardships.

An online course provides benefits for both teachers and students but also adds a headache – more cheating possibilities. Distance learning can make it easier for students to knowingly and unknowingly plagiarize or cheat, but faculty and staff can prevent this.   Faculty and staff can take measures to ensure that students don’t cheat – from lock down browsers to creating a culture of honesty to keeping the class intriguing and engaging.

Do you teach online classes?  If so, how do you keep your students engaged and honest?

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