Gun Policies on Your Campus

Posted on June 23, 2011 by


Whether or not it is legally necessary to implement a policy to allow concealed weapons on campus, every higher education institute across the country NEEDS a clear and concise weapons policy.

Earlier this month, Nevada and Louisiana’s concealed weapons bills were thrown out, never making it to the house floor.

Although it seems as if not every state is going to require schools to allow guns on campus, the issue of guns is more present now than ever.  Even without laws, each school should be very aware of the need to have a clear weapons policy that is available and understandable by every one on campus.

What does your school’s weapons policy include?

Does it need to be updated to 2011/2012 standards?

Join Kurt Mueller, an expert on guns on campus, as he explains the latest issues, trends and strategies to implement a policy that will meet the necessary requirements of the law and keep students and faculty safe.  Join him on July 6 at 1pm ET!

How do you feel about having concealed guns or any type of weapon on campus?  Is an 18-year old capable of using the weapon properly and safely…?

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