The 5 W’s of Curriculum Mapping

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Faculty and staff as well as students and parents are interested in the way each class relates to, overlaps, and compliments one another.  Generally, for students to be successful they need to understand where they are going in a program and why as well as what they are going to learn.  Curricular mapping covers more than these two primary needs for students.

What is curricular mapping?

This planning process facilitates the achievement and assessment of a program’s learning outcomes.  The process enables faculty to foster the appropriate cognitive levels for  faculty and assessment teams to identify strategic locations in the curriculum after determining what students should know, think and be able to do upon completion of a program.

Team work is the best way to label curricular mapping – but it goes beyond that.  Who is involved in the curricular mapping planning and implementation process?  See how U Conn lays out curricular mapping with their “Party Planning” major.

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