How Can We Make College More Affordable?

Posted on June 20, 2011 by


As middle class incomes stagnate and college costs rise it is becoming increasingly difficult for your average student to put together the funds necessary to complete a college degree.  That coupled with the fact that it is becoming next to impossible to find comfortable employment without a college degree makes it increasingly important that we find better ways to serve our middle class and low income students when it comes to acquiring funds for college.  A look at this article by CNN Money sheds light on the current economic climate and the burden it places on families looking to send their children to college.

Finding ways to provide aid to students not only is a great way to recruit students, but it can also be an invaluable tool for retention as well.  Many students may not know what financial aid is available to them or how to get it, so there is a good chance they will drop out or transfer closer to home when money gets a bit tight as opposed to sticking around at their current college.  As providers of education, colleges and universities should do a better job with financial aid education.  Doing so will come with exponential rewards and benefits to the future of academic departments, entire institutions, and most importantly students.