Clery Act on Campus: How do YOU Make Your Campus Safe?

Posted on June 14, 2011 by


The Clery Act requirements outline what each campus must do in order to report their crimes, offer resources and training to their students and staff as well as develop policies to lessen violence.

What do you do at YOUR school to make everyone feel that much safer while being in compliance with the Act?

Eliza March, a junior at NCSU says her school’s Women’s Center has been really helpful for her when dealing with a stalking incident she had on campus.  Also, she says, “It’s important for the University to collect data to determine the extent of the problem when looking at systemic issues of violence and especially sexual assault.” “It helps hold the University accountable for the well-being of its students,” she said.

Prevention programs, as well as centers that provide people all different types of resources, seem to be an excellent way to get the word out.  I think that the more exposure to sexual violence, hate crimes and other issues, the better.  When everything is out in the open, criminals are less likely to attack in fear that they will surely get caught because everyone is aware and paying attention.

Campuses need to stress to students, as well as faculty, the importance and usefulness of their available resources against crime.

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