How College Advancement Can Capitalize on Graduation Weekend

Posted on May 18, 2011 by


Commencement is no doubt an incredibly busy time on your college campus.  Seniors are graduating and alumni are coming back… everyone is on campus so now is the time to capitalize on this incredible opportunity!

A new graduating class means a whole new group of alumni. Do something AT your commencement ceremony to engage them as alumni. For example: At my Alma Matter, each graduate is inducted into the alumni association for one year (for free!) so they can experience first hand the benefits of being involved without having to worry about the financial piece until they have been out in the working world.

Graduation also means that many of your alumni and donors are on campus!  You couldn’t ask for a more perfect time to update donor profiles, make requests for scholarship support, or plan events to get alumni and donors together to reminisce and share stories.

What does your college do to capture new alumni and reach out to existing alumni and donors on graduation weekend?

Chime in below!