College Sports and the “Student” Athlete

Posted on May 12, 2011 by


College sports have begun to come under quite a bit of scrutiny due to their large cost and seeming lack of results.  Many student athletes devote all of their time to their respective sport and leave little time to study.  Quite a few of these athletes are going to college with the unrealistic expectation that they will eventually play at the professional level.  Because of this, the students perform poorly and often do not even graduate – all while their respective schools make millions of dollars on the backs of its student athletes.

Of course, that scenario is usually only seen with television revenue-generating football and men’s basketball.  Most collegiate programs operate as a complete suck of resources, all while maintaining the guise that it’s good for the students and the school’s identity.  Many programs have now been forced to completely restructure due to state and federal budget cuts and their lack of profitability.  Even big name programs like California – Berkeley’s have been forced to restructure.

With many athletic programs on the block and state and federal cuts being announced on a daily basis, how will your college or university adjust to the changes?