Top 120 Community Colleges are Competing for a $1-Million Prize: Where is Yours?

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$1-million prize to reward excellence at two-year institutions.

This is what The Aspen Institute will give to the best community college in the nation, after a competition that includes 120 participants around the country.

The community colleges chosen represent the top 10 percent and the purpose of the prize is to recognize community colleges with outstanding academic and work-force outcomes.

The institute hopes the top colleges will serve as models and laboratories for identifying practices that can elevate community-college education nationwide.

These institutions, which represent 32 states, were selected from a national pool of nearly 1,200 colleges using available public data on student outcomes. The community colleges chosen have demonstrated high standards in learning and college completion and have established that they are training grounds for jobs that pay competitive wages.

Was your college chosen? How can you improve to participate in the next selection?

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