Looking for An Easy Way to Increase Involvement Among Your Alumni? Start a Blog!

Posted on May 9, 2011 by


5 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging for Your Alumni

1.  You can post the same content you are already using in your Alumni Magazines, Newsletters, Email blasts etc.  and use your blog as a way to keep them up to date on university and alumni association issues.

2.  Blogs are addictive!  Your alumni will get hooked and check in every day or even subscribe.  And if you find something that hits home you’ll get a string of comments that will start a conversation in your alumni community.

3.  Blogs help keep alumni records updated!  When your alumni subscribe or comment they have to enter some basic contact information that you can then use for prospecting. 🙂

4. Blogs give your alumni a chance to sound off on university issues and show their support.  They might even give you some great ideas for future alumni engagement!

5.  You can use your blog to spread awareness of campaigns you are currently running and make alumni aware of how they can contribute.  Simply provide a link and you can dive instant traffic to your campaign website.

Do you have a successful alumni blog?  Tell us about it by posting a comment below!