Software to Suggest Students’ Courses: Is “Digital Advising” Really an Option?

Posted on April 15, 2011 by


Netflix, Pandora, Ebay, Amazon, all famous names that with particular algorithms and personal usage information can predict the customer’s taste and suggest the right product for his next purchase or simply a relaxing compilation or movie for the night.

From this same idea a handful of colleges have begun using similar recommendation systems to help students pick their courses, a step that could change GPA’s and career paths.

When suggesting a course, the program considers each student’s planned major, past academic performance, and data on how similar students fared in that class. It crunches this information to arrive at a recommendation.

An early test of the system found that it could lead to higher grades and fewer dropouts, officials say. Also, with plenty of  hard drives filled with data about academic requirements and student performance, every college can easily put together a pretty precise system.

Is digital advising already a reality? Do you see this as a good option that could eventually help your traditional advising process?

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