Would You Like to Buy a Really Expensive Lion?

Posted on April 14, 2011 by


I’ll use Penn State as the example here, but it’s something that many schools are dealing with or will be dealing with shortly -decimated budgets. In the case of Penn State, recently elected Republican Gov. Tom Corbett has proposed to cut the university’s spending in half – dropping it from $318 million to $165 million. Penn State officials have said this would lead to lay-offs and tuition increases. It’s no surprise that this has made the news in Pennsylvania.

But more importantly for higher ed marketers, how are you supposed to market a school when that school’s funding has been slashed and their tuition has gone up? What’s to stop even the students that were planning on attending your university from passing you up for another, cheaper and better-funded school? Unfortunately, that is the question many marketers will be asking themselves very soon.

The ones that still have a job, that is.

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