iPads, Laptops, File Sharing, Multimedia Services: Does Your Wireless Infrastructure Make The Grade?

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Students are arriving on your campus with smart phones, laptops, tablets and they expect anytime, anywhere connectivity. On the other hand, teachers and staff are using online services, multimedia software and file sharing programs.

On top of these pressing needs, throw in the mix old buildings, materials that are not wi-fi friendly and poor class and residence halls design – your task to build an efficient and scalable wireless infrastructure just became even more titanic.

How do you get the most value for your bucks and keep everybody happy? How do you make sure your wireless on campus is adequate today and for years to come?

Join us on May 11 2011, 1-2 pm ET, for this exciting webinar where our expert presenter will show you the way!

Boost Your Wireless Infrastructure: Keys to Improve Campus Connectivity

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