Excited Delirium Syndrome on Campus: What is It?

Posted on April 12, 2011 by


According to Campus Safety Magazine, Excited Delirium Syndrome (EDS) is becoming more and more common as an in-custody death, once criminals have been caught by police.  Although municipal law enforcement is aware of this and the symptoms associated with it, your campus security might have never even heard of it!

Symptoms include:

  • bizarre behavior
  • super-human strength
  • sweating
  • incomprehensible speech
  • inappropriate dress (most of the time naked)

So who is to know if you are simply detaining a drunk frat boy or someone who is on the verge of a possible death…?  Although this syndrome is normally associated with long-term drug use or untreated mental illnesses, you never know and campus security has no way of knowing that student’s history.

Does your security know about this issue?  Maybe it is time to raise awareness and provide training on this possible incident…  If a death occurs on your campus, the media will be scrutinizing everything.  Better safe than sorry!

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