An Admissions Crackdown in Higher Ed

Posted on April 7, 2011 by


While many institutions of higher education are organizations rich with tradition and culture that offer bright young minds a chance at a better future, there are those “colleges” that prey on young people that are in search of a better life.  In a recent article by The Chronicle, there is a new trend among organizations masking as schools that give foreign students, that otherwise would be here illegally, a chance to work and live in the United States in exchange for money.  These colleges are not accredited, offer very few degree programs, and are often housed in small office buildings.  However, because of certain loopholes in ICE regulations, the schools have the ability to make the foreign students legal U.S. residents.  While the federal government has recently cracked down on some of these institutions, many more are sprouting up every day.

The good news is while there are some problems with some institutions taking advantage of students, the United States Education Department recently changed the rule on incentive compensation for admissions recruiters that could help prevent students from being preyed upon in the future.