Virtual Computing Labs: How to Share Resources, Cut Costs & Improve Efficiency

Posted on April 4, 2011 by


One of the project to cut costs at California State University was introducing virtual computing labs, but they decided to take the concept of virtual labs one step further, by opening the labs up to students and faculty across multiple campuses.

The pilot went well, and the next step is now to incorporate two more schools in the project: CSU Chico and CSU Monterey Bay. Sharing hardware, software, and support costs will save a great amount of money, already by the end of the year.

Also instead of adding servers as more schools join, Cal State is working on a cloud-based approach with Amazon that will provide the computing power to expand considerably.

Another benefit, besides reducing the need for physical lab space and increasing service to students, there will be a drastic decrease of software licensing expenses.

Read here the full article about this interesting project.

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