The Classroom of Tomorrow

Posted on March 26, 2011 by


How can you determine what format works best for your students when you are meeting the needs of so many?

Some argue that the in-class lecture hall format is as useless as a chalkboard in a digital world, but in some environments is this still a successful model for learning? For faculty who are new to hybrid courses and on-line formats, are they able to provide students with the same takeaways they would get in a traditional classroom? Is there room for peer discussion, open debate, critical thinking? How is this affecting the student success assessments so many campus are delving into?

As the Chronicle puts it in their recent article Actually Going to Class? How 20th-Century, this debate is present across an array of college campuses-small and large.  What is your position? Do you think online classes are the classrooms of tomorrow, or, in fact, today? OR, do you think that we still have a considerable path to take before tossing out our lecture halls?

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