You get an an A for every point you score….

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Have you ever had the star of your SEC school’s football team walk into your classroom and feel the weight pile up on your shoulders?  Have you ever worried that the captain of the lacrosse team is going to write off your elected course as joke?  Often these feeling come form teachers because of the stigma that athletes, especially those who perform well, get preferential treatment. Many teachers would roll there eyes at the idea of doing this but that’s not always the case.  Pressure from peers or superiors can make even the best teachers fold and give in to the point guard who needs to make it to the game and “can’t study”.  Have you ever given this kind of preferential treatment? Do you know someone who has?  How did you react and what did you do about it?

It was recently discovered that Stanford University and their advising staff created a list of courses of interest for their athletes because the classes were generally easier.  Do you think this is an ethical practice by Stanford U and their staff?  Read the article where Stanford spokeswoman, Lisa Lapin, explains the  intent of this controversial list of courses.

Give us your thoughts on the situation.

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