Mother Nature Can be a B!*$h!

Posted on March 18, 2011 by


Since the tragedy that has been consuming Japan, I can’t stop thinking about “being prepared.”  I feel as if we, as Americans, are constantly running around trying to prepare ourselves for EVERYTHING, especially our colleges and universities.  So….how prepared are you?

You have to have a plan.  Everyone has a plan… don’t they?  I think some campuses even have a plan FOR their plan just in case their back-up plan, for the failed plan for the plan doesn’t work…!? Following me?  I didn’t think so.  But the truth is, every campus across the WORLD should have a Disaster Resistant Plan.  But will it help if God forbid, a tsunami like the one that has devastated Japan occurs?  Or an earthquake? Or even a suicide bomber?  I ask myself these questions… like what is the point to spend the money on implementing plans like this, if in reality, they can’t help?

Well they can.  And they do.  Natural disasters are a horrible thing but sometimes with proper planning and implementation, we can brace ourselves for the inevitable: saving lives and quickly recuperating.  It DEFINITELY helps with UN-natural disasters.  Either way, you gotta have a plan.  It’s essential.

How can your campus implement a Disaster Resistant Plan…?

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