Cutbacks, Cutbacks and More Cutbacks

Posted on March 16, 2011 by


I don't want you to read my lips, I want you to read my budget.

Following sweeping elections and current political trends, many republican governors are now making deep cuts in their state budgets and higher education is one of the first places to get hit.  According to the Huffington Post, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is hacking away at his home state’s higher education budget as part of his now nationally infamous budget initiative.  The Chronicle recently reported that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has proposed a 50% cut to the funding of all public colleges in Pennsylvania.  This includes Penn State University, the second highest attended non-profit in the country, and the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (of which this author happens to be a product)

These cuts will have dire ramifications.  Many argue that without the high level of state funding Penn State may decide to turn private (it already has the second highest tuition of Big Ten Schools behind Northwestern and is one of the most expensive public colleges in the country).  Most people inherently believe that the cuts will come on the backs of students and could result in an increase in tuition costs.  Ohio University’s The Post reported that students are very unhappy with the increase in costs and are taking the steps to make their voices heard.

How is your college planning to handle any deep cuts it faces?  And, more importantly, how are you going to retain students who are affected by a spike in tuition costs?