Social Media Games Take Higher Ed Marketing to the Next Level

Posted on March 11, 2011 by


Social media games like Farmville and MafiaWars have exploded. Some of them have larger weekly audiences than primetime TV shows! This obviously presents an interesting new avenue for marketers at large, but what does it mean for higher ed marketers?

H&M's ad in My Town gameTraditional marketers see social media games as a way of engaging consumers, which is better than just trying to get them to watch an ad on TV because it forces interaction with their brand. This may seem like a turn off for potential customers, but companies like Cascadian Farm have been able to use Farmville to increase their brand awareness by 550%!

So how can higher ed marketers use social media games to their advantage? Well, one thing to remember is that colleges and universities are brands – they just offer a different service. They are also communities. This is key because advertising in social media games connects brands to the social media community.  When higher ed marketers realize this, they can take their advertising to a whole new level.

Does your school have a known mascot or logo? Why not launch an online store to sell clothing branded with your logo? Are you looking for ways to get the word out about your new food court? Build an online food court. Got a big game coming up? Invite current and prospective students to your online stadium. The possibilities are endless. Unlike traditional brands, which are stuck trying to market their product, higher ed institutions have the opportunity to advertise their community.

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