Gettting Millenials to Attend Classes?!?

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How many times has a student asked you if they need to come to class?  Never, I’m sure…but are you?  Have you ever been asked: “Is attendance a part of the grade?” “Do you post your lectures or create PowerPoint presentations?”  If you’ve heard this then a student has asked you if they need to come to your class.

Maybe its time to leave the lecture behind and teach the class out of the box.  Baylor University’s former director of the institution’s Academy for Teaching and Learning, Gardner Campbell took this notion and ran with it in a media studies course he was teaching.  To get the students to come to class and get involved he went to lengths to convince students to think differently about the overall experience of the course. He utilized every technological advantage he had at his fingers tips to get the students involved with learning the concepts and contributing to a progressive academic environment. This method of getting educational information in non-conventional ways is becoming a trend that is catching on.  Taking the  lecture-less courses model to another step, self directed courses like UnCollege are also offering innovative ways to learn the skills needed for the work place.   Randy Bass, executive director of Georgetown University’s Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship, doesn’t think universities will go away but that colleges need to stay on there P’s & Q’s.

Should academia be worried? Read the article here!

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