An Increase in Applications – But What Does it All Mean?

Posted on March 1, 2011 by


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Many colleges and universities consider their most important benchmarks to be how many students apply and how many students they turn down – but how often do they stop to think about what this means?  According to a February article by the New York Times, many colleges forget that an increase in the number of applications could also result in a direct decrease in yield.  If it is easier to apply to the college many applicants that are not serious about actually attending a university won’t think twice about putting in an application.  However, if the application process is thorough, rigorous and time consuming, students that are not serious about eventually enrolling with the university will probably not spend the time and energy to apply.

While there are some institutions that pride themselves on their selectivity – the bottom line is that they recruit a high number of students that have no chance of being accepted so they can highlight how they turned them down.