The Changing Face of Virtual Campus Tours – More Genuine Ways to Market Your College

Posted on February 23, 2011 by


St. John’s College has a very innovative virtual tour on their website. It was designed by Doug Plummer, who may admit to being “fairly new to video production,” but is nonetheless “taking a firm stance against an over-produced, corporate video style.” And it shows

The videos in St. John’s virtual tour are informative without being stilted; interactive without being superficial. Most of all, though, the videos get up close and personal with students and faculty so they offer viewers a real slice of what life at St. John’s is like.

I think virtual tours are a necessity for today’s colleges. They are one of the best ways to market a school on the web since they offer prospective students a view of the school – the sights and sounds – without making them so much as leave their home. This is especially great for those who live far away, but it also gives local high schoolers a chance to see what’s right in their own back yard.

Are you currently producing a virtual tour? What kinds of challenges did you face? Doug says that audio “is the piece that really separates a quality video from a slipshod amateur production.” Did you notice this too? Read more about Doug and St. John’s virtual tours in a short interview with Karine Joly at

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