Helping students learn to learn….no easy feat!

Posted on February 22, 2011 by


Have you ever had two students in your class who comprehend the material on the same level, are active in class discussion but one student does poorly on your exams while the other gets A’s across the board?

Metacognition is defined as “knowing about knowing” and is an essential component in successful learning.  Many students are not taught how to learn or why they didn’t comprehend something but they are instructed on what they should learn and how to pass a test.  This intrapersonal learning deficiency doesn’t become an issue until students reach college level courses where independent learning and critical thinking are key component of success.  Higher education faculty and staff try to overcome this issue but often without success and usually with lots of frustration.

Kristin E. Bonnie, an assistant professor of psychology at Beloit College, has a new approach to overcome this issue.  Read the article here!

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