The Mobile Traffic Watch

Posted on February 14, 2011 by


Higher Ed Live has a great video about the changing nature of institutions on the web. The focus is on traffic from mobile phones. There are many ways a college can go about tapping into the mobile market, but the first step is obviously to create a mobile site. This allows higher ed marketers to offer another option to today’s prospective students.

It also opens the door to apps, which can transform a college’s online presence from passive to interactive. A great mobile site is a way to attract students to your college, a great set of apps is a way to retain those students. While the mobile site can give prospective students the things they’re looking for – majors you offer, for example – personal apps can show them what your current students get – a mobile email app, a sports app, a campus maps app, etc. A mobile site is the door to the community your college offers, so it’s a big step when going mobile.

With that said, how many of you have been motivated to create a mobile site – or at least to think about creating one? There is no question that smartphone technology is here to stay, but how much traffic are you seeing from mobile? How much would you have to see before creating a mobile specific site?

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