Tiger Moms & Helicopter Parents: The Face of Higher Education Parents

Posted on February 3, 2011 by


In recent years, the rise of Helicopter Parents as the hovering, over-involved parents of college students became the main focus of college faculty and staff. Helping students to handle the pressures of attending college for the first time, and balancing the stresses of their helicopter parents was a tough feat. Now, the same faculty, staff and students are getting hit with a wave of Tiger Mom backlash.  In response to Yale law professor, Amy Chua’s article “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” in the Wall Street Journal last week, articles like the one posted in Time Magazine, are sounding off over what it means to the helicopter parents who have done their best to prepare their children for college and the post-college career world to help their children succeed.

What could this mean for college admissions and student affairs-and how can we prepare for a new age of millennial mothers?

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